Almost There!

It has been long three months since I’ve given some sign of life. There has been a lot going on all around and also new CUBEs caught a significant hold-up. And as the season is (again!) relentlessly passing by it was the highest time to take some time off and complete some open issues.

Most of the PCB assembly was done by Jan Weber in his workshop while I only populated the larger modules as it is easier to spot a problem and solve it before the more complicated and expensive components are soldered down. Here we encountered some troubles with the super capacitor backing-up the GPS as they refused to solder down properly and some of those even bursted into explosion during the heat-wave process.

Later on the most recent multi-protocol firmware was flashed into the new micro-controllers (I had written about earlier) and all CUBEs were quickly passing indoor tests one after another. During outdoor and in-flight testing some peculiar glitches were spotted but even those are gone and the code is now polished into almost perfection 🙂 Almost because there is still some ongoing work on oncoming features (which are disabled in this firmware release but will come later through the OGN CUBE Control update process at time allows.

The manuals were also updated and are already available in the downloads section. Finalisations are thus in full swing and the new CUBES 3.5 will set off to your airfields very soon! 🙂